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Making It Special

We love to work with brides who want to add some special touches to their big day. Honoring their mother is a special way to do this. Repurposing a mother’s wedding gown can create a styling challenge. Daughters can have very different body types as well as style challenges when trying to use mom’s packed away gown.

A great way to accomplish the goal is to use elements from mom’s wedding gown and redesign it in a unique way to honor mom and please the bride’s modern day style.

A very sweet bride-to-be brought us an amazing embroidered appliqué satin gown from her mother. She had also purchased a simple slip dress from a consignment shop to use as the building block for her modern gown.

After studying the older gown we determined that the train from the mother’s gown could be incorporated in a very nice way to create a slender silhouette for the daughter’s new gown. The train was able to wrap around to the front of her dress and this allowed us to add some much needed length to the front of the gown as the bride was taller than the dress she was using. We also used some smaller appliqué pieces to edge line the front bodice and the plunging back.


We very carefully cut away the embroidered appliqué from her mother’s gown.

Using a technique to seal the edges we very carefully “burned” the fabric edges to seal them and prevent any fraying.

We all loved the final result. This bride looked simply amazing and felt very special in her dress. Mom’s dress was very much featured and used in a unique way to become very current.

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