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A Little Bit of Modesty Please!

Sometimes you find the perfect dress, but you might be just a little too young or prefer more coverage than the dress offers. Do not despair - case in point, this beautiful teal sequin gown was made with a very low drop cowl in the back and a somewhat revealing keyhole in the bust area. The young lady who was wearing this dress to prom definitely wanted and needed more coverage to look age appropriate and feel more comfortable in the dress.

Our challenge was to alter the dress but not cut the dress. She was renting this gown and needed to return it in its original state. With some creative folding and hand-stitching we were able to raise the back of the dress to much more modest level. The front keyhole was stitched closed at both the top and bottom making the revealing front more demur. We finished up with a hem. She did not not want the train in back - so again more creative lifting and folding and stitching took care of the excess length in the back.

We were able to accomplish all of the needed alterations. The good news - after prom all of the stitching was released and the dress was returned to its original state with no demarcation and able to be worn again.

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