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Don't Get Your Feathers Ruffled

We received a phone call from a panicked bride about her

wedding dress needing to be hemmed. When inquiring about the wedding date, she replied with - this weekend. 5 days to be exact. Oh, and it has feathers! She had been turned down by several alterationists due to her time constraint and being told "no one can hem feathers". Feeling bad for her situation, we advised her to come in for a fitting immediately. Once she arrived and showed us the gorgeous ostrich feather gown, we decided to help her out and accept the quick hemming challenge. The proper length for the front of the dress was set and individual feathers were removed as needed.

We also discussed the overall fit of her gown. We determined that because of the backless style of the dress the addition of bra cups would provide extra structure and support for the heavily beaded bodice.

The skinny straps which held up the entire dress were secured by small plastic snaps only. Gasp! This was a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen. The decision was made to hard stitch the straps in place to prevent any unsnapping.

Finally, after discussing that she did not plan on changing for her reception, a one-point American bustle was added to shorten the train for ease of walking and dancing.

It was such a pleasure working with this beautiful Bride and her unique ostrich feather wedding gown. We enjoyed both the challenge and experience.

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